Best Evening Dress

Wearing the right dress for the evening event makes one stand out from the crowd. Its therefore a good idea to learn how to choose the best dress for the evening event or party. Take into account the color, style and texture of the dress. Feel the texture […]

The Interview Attire, Part II

In an interview, the first impression is your artier during the interview. The way you present yourself matters more. Wear a suit with either pants or a skirt and if in doubt, be conservative. The suit should be comfortable and fit you well. Look for a simple suit […]

Dress The Apple Body Type

The apple body-shaped woman, tends to have wider middle compared to her shoulders and hips. Having a wide abdomen will essentially display no waist. This woman in general, appears to be rounded. You can have medium to large busts, wide or narrow shoulders and/or fleshy arms. The shape […]

The Interview Attire

As you walk inside an interview room, the first impression is your look; the way you are dressed up. Different companies have different dressing codes, but this is a guide on how to dress for that dream job of your life time. The way you dress during the […]

The Perfect Suit

Tips on how to choose the perfect suit of all times. There are basic tips which can be followed or considered when making a choice for the suit to wear. After going through this article, you will have a clear picture on the best suit to wear on. […]

Dress The Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type…the most desired body shape for women. Like an hourglass which has the same width at the top and bottom with a defined middle, women with hourglass shape have shoulders and hips approximately the same width and a defined waist that is at least 9” smaller […]