Halter Dress

Halter Dress


A halter dress (of course a dress) is a women’s outfit, a long dress indeed. It is the most iconic red carpet dress, when you talk of the Emmy awards since 1970s. It became popular in the 1940s and 1930s well known as and for evening gowns. The mention of Emmy awards clearly states that it is a high-class model portraying a high social status of the wearer.


To dig down a little into the history or rather how it came to be such an iconic wear, the most famous was worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1955 and was designed by one Bill Travilla. Also in the “Stone age” Betty Rubble made a blue halter dress her own signature look….(that was cool). The origin of the name (halter) was from livestock.

A halter dress is a type of a sleeveless shirt (dress) similar to a tank top but with straps. It resembles many bikini tops covering the chest area more and may cover some or all of the abdomen at the front. More on the earlier statement it is a style for women’s clothing,… having straps that run from the top front of the garment around the back of the neck and leaving most of the back uncovered.

Halter 1.png

The necklines appeal stems from the fact that it eliminated the need for spoiling the back detail with straps, leaving an uninterrupted area of skin to expose to the sun by day and display by night. The neck strap can be covered by wearer’s hair giving the impression that nothing is holding the dress or shirt up from behind. A brief description of its make would be;

Two pieces of fabric are brought from the bust around the back of the neck and either clasped or tied together for support. The straps may be chains, elastic thin or even thick pieces of fabric. The neckline may vary.

Halter 4.png

If you are to wear a bra alongside the dress or shirt it is either strapless or of halter neck design.

The variation of the neckline may be high concealing cleavage, collarbone, and creating a circular closure around the neck or may be a plunging style that flatters the chest, a sweetheart neckline that looks almost strapless. All show off your shoulders and arms creating a great look especially for those looking to draw the eye up and away from the hips or the midsection.

The necklines are generally similar. It is also known as a tie-neck or backless dress most popular for summer dresses, formal, evening-wear and cocktail. There is no limit to how it can look from the neckline down.

Halter 2.png

It is mainly worn by celebrities say Rihanna Robin Wright to just mention a few hence suggesting that you wearing it, you have the feeling of a movie star. The kind of bodies these people have are exquisite that means at least your skin is attractive as well as a slim shape body. High-heeled shoes of a matching color are advised and considered most.

Make one your signature look too today.


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