Hounds Tooth Suit

*Back through the years I go wandering once again, back to the seasons of my….”kindergarten”*Dolly Parton. I just changed that word in quotes…. True I love this song as it reminds me of when I was a kid; wanting just anything and everything I saw on TV animations. The Cinderella princess dress, shoes, bands on her head, her hairstyle, ornaments…. name them. It was cute, yeah, I know and I miss it. Matching colors from top to bottom.

houndstooth 1.png

Introducing hounds tooth material. The first time I saw that word I could not complete pronouncing it let alone guess its actual meaning no worries. Some sources say its origin was in the United Kingdom being an older print than many others that is used in shoes, hats, dresses, belts, purses, shirts, shorts, trousers, bowls, bedspreads can’t end the list.


A second source states it originated in Scotland in the 1800s, as a print seen on shepherd’s garments mainly outer garments and was also known as dogtooth. My last source states it originated in the state of Alabama and it represented a special football program it being mainly a men’s fashion wear. This concludes that, the actual origin of the Hounds tooth is not well known.

houndstooth 2.png

A hound stooth material is a pied-de_poule (fabric pattern) of broken checks. It was initially and mainly a mix of dark and light fabrics in alternating patterns (black and white). Call it a classical pattern currently fitting casual and official use. Those who wore garments of this material were considered wealthy. The material was obtained from wool whereas today it is and can be obtained from a number of materials.

Houndstooth shoe.png

The dogtooth design can also be of other tones and pastels. Its uses today is quite numerous; used in covering furniture, used on utensils for instance cups and plates glass and plastic nature, women’s wear, kids wear, men’s wear, and more not to forget in kitchens…chef’s pants are made of this tunic reason being to hide food stains. As I stated earlier, matching of clothes in relation to color or design, the hounds tooth material, design, fits this best. You could acquire a readymade suit of your choice or purchase the material and ask your tailor or designer to make one of your wish. Apart from it offering a suit, you could match say for ladies, the darker fabric for instance red in hound’s tooth of red and white, could be used to make a top blouse or coat while the mix makes the dress trouser or skirt.

Houndstooth shirt.png

For kids, the top or shirt attire could be completely of the darker fabric with the mix incorporated to the end of arms, color and waistline whilst the shorts, skirts or trouser could be completely of the mix or the vice.

houndstooth 3.png

For men, the darker fabric suits the shirts just ensuring the color isn’t too shouting or too deep for suggestion men’s color is black, white, navy-dark-light blue….simply keep it neutral. The suit matches the tie in case one is needed and keep it the original fabric.

Ladies and kids are known to over sparkle things so they can match the shoes, in case a scarf, hair bands, hats, ear rings to name a few, to the mixed fabric while gents black or white or dull shoes won’t harm.

hounds tooth 6.png

You get no trouble selecting what to wear as blouse or shirt or shoes as it guides you-the hounds tooth. Remember do not spoil the broth by incorporating more than the colors it originally contains, just keep it natural and all will be super. You can decide your own design depending on the occasion.

Just picture a couple or a family dressed in a similar hound’s tooth fabric *click* !!huh?!cool, right?

Go get it…what are you waiting for?..


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