Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jackets

I have always hated, say disliked the big, heavy, uncomfortable jackets. They are ever oversize in nature, too warm, almost hot! Worse of all they are hectic to wash as they absorb too much water making them heavy and also take a long time to dry completely. Are we alike? Are you looking for a solution? Then this is for you.


Puffer jackets! Yeah puffer jackets. They were invented by Eddie Bauer in an-almost-death experience. His jacket was all wet in the weather getting him all wrapped in a sheet of ice as the story states. This got him almost dead lucky that his friend caught his attention. After this incident, he decided to design a jacket that would prevent a similar situation from recurring. This was done in the 1930’s. This jacket was put on during the winter seasons. Some referred to it as a bubble goose in the 1990’s popularly known as a trademark for the hip hop authorities. It was made mainly of synthetic materials.


The key factors considered in rendering the new design were a jacket that would keep warm, one that would not be heavy and could not absorb water for a longer period. To add to it an advantage is that it could float even one of quite some pounds on water that is acting like a lifesaving gadget. Apart from it serving for functional purposes it also serves for fashion purposes. It could be worn by both male and females and it is available in different sizes thus anyone could comfortably acquire it. It is also available in short sleeves, long sleeves, a normal-to-hip size and a long drop down design. A puffer jacket can be worn alongside with a dress, skirt or even a pair of trousers of different materials.


To serve for casual purposes, a knitted or say a roll neck, tight jeans, boots or sport-rubber shoes could align perfectly. An additional for ladies high heeled shoes could make a cocktail.


For official service, wear the puffer jacket over a suit but do remember to keep the colors neutral.


Acquiring one could do you service as it keeps you warm say in the morning and evening breeze as you go to and from work, it is not heavy, it is fashionable both casually and officially, it doesn’t take the longest time to dry and neither does it give you a hard time washing.


*Just saying* in case of a situation similar to Eddie’s, it will indeed provide safety. You have whatsoever no reason not to have one. To stress it more, its affordable, comfortable, acceptable and fashionable…here’s a solution for you. Go get it!


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