Empire Waist Dress

It’s a dressing for women. A style that began as part of has a belt under the bust that provided support and comfort in its outfit with a long loose skirt suitable for the warm climate in the 18th century within Europe that is France and the roman was mainly considered as an evening dress for evening was designed to have a larger part of the neck-chest area exposed.

empire 3.png

The women dressed it alongside a shawl, a simple short high waisted jacket, a hat and gloves. Some of the designs incorporated were the fully bear arms or/and transparent sleeves. Its shape is meant to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust and it also helped to lengthen the body’s appearance. Initially it was worn by those of high social status.

Empire 6.png

It was worn on flat-slipper like shoes. The hairstyle of short classical nature and was worn by those of older age, teens and kids. The empire dress is light less confining and much less cumbersome than what’s considered as high fashion clothes and has a final layer as a petticoat hence no need for stocking or additional separate petticoat. It was mainly designed on plain colors accompanied with tunics.

Empire 2.png

The exposure on the chest line encouraged neck decoration, however the same dress designed for mornings was fully covered to the neck. To add on its design a longer gown like piece was attached to it from halfway the right-hand side through the back to the halfway left hand was made from velvet fabric mainly comprised of could be longer hiding the feet or a little higher just above the ankle.

Empire 5.png

Unlike tight outfit worn by those of the “perfect “shape, the empire dress can be worn on different body shapes. The empire waist dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the burst, making it a high-waisted appearance with a gathered skirt that is long and loosely fitting.

empire 1.png

The Empire waist means that the band is directly under the burst-line. The dress is closely fitted at the burst line and the rest of the body falls straight. The dress has been a choice for centuries. It is very easy to move around it and is perfect for beach and wedding wear. The dress is a good choice for a girl or a bride with a smaller burst.


A dress with a high waist and which is has embroidery is good for evening wear. A dress with a high waist and have layers on the burst is perfect for destination or beach wedding wear. It’s today mainly seen in wedding gowns and maternity dresses but this doesn’t make it fixed to just those two.

Empire 4.png

Say on flat tummy, a little bigger tummy, plump and slender, tall and short, expectant and name it. High and low heeled shoes, or even flat shoes could be worn whilst in this dress. It’s fashionable, keeps you comfortable, confident and most of all attractive. It’s all you need. Get one.


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