The Best Dress Shirt for Men

Men’s Shirt

Men’s shirt is widely bought over the internet. The shirt also known as dress shirt in few countries is basically button up with long sleeves. The shirts are available in wide variety which include; style, color, design, prices and weaves. The two most important things to consider while buying a shirt are quality and the fit of the shirt. The shirt should complement the body.

shirt 2.png

The most sort shades for formal occasion are white and blue. The reason being white is a universal color as it matches with other garments. For interviews, go for lighter tones of blue. You can add grey to play it safe. When one wants to go stylish look for pink.

Consider the steps below while buying the best shirt.


Using a measure tape, measure around the neck and note the size. It is important to know your neck size. Most of the shirts have the neck size label.



Most of the brands have different sleeve-length variations. You should first know your sleeve length by measuring it using the measuring tape. The length should be neither too big nor too small. When you walk in a retail store and decide to buy one, ask the sales personnel to check the sleeve length.



The chest fit of the shirt makes men look sharper. The best shirt should be slightly tight around the chest. This will give you a flattering look if the shirt is slim fit. One should not go for ultra slim fit which are referred to as body fit shirt. Measure around the fullest part of the chest. You should place the tape close under the arms and make that the tape is flat at the back.shirt 1.png


If you would like to tuck in the shirt, then ensure you check on the length. It should be 6-7 inches longer from the belt. If the shirt is smaller, a slighter movement of the body will un-tuck the shirt. To test, just tuck in the shirt and raise your arm. If the shirt tail isn’t coming out, then you are good to go.

shirt 3.png




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