Body Con Dress

Body Con Dresses

Looking for a fitting dress, call it body con dress. Body con dress is a body fitting dress. Body con is short word for Body Conscious dress. In the 90s, the body con dress was very popular because most television celebrities used to wear.

The dress clings tightly to the body showing your figure. The body con dress must be accessorised correctly to avoid disasters; that is choosing the right jewellery, the correct belt, jacket and shoes. Body con dress can be used for both evening and day wear.

body con d (2).png

Body con dress is extremely tight and fitting to the body, so avoid visible panty lines. It is important to wear the right underwear to mitigate that disaster

body con b (1).png.

The body con has three lengths; upper knee, mid high, knee.

The best material for the body con can be lycra and polyester, so as to give them enough elasticity to hug your body figure smoothly.

body con b (2).png

Body con dresses can strapless while others have wide straps or even with sleeves. For the neck line, it is typically low. Some body con dresses are backless, others have cut way section and peepholes running down the dress.

body con d (1).png

Body con dresses are won by the confident women and not the faint hearted. The hour glass body figure is best suited to this style of tight dress.


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