Off The Shoulder Dress, Off The Shoulder Tops

The Fashion Trend 2016 rates the off-the- shoulder style as the biggest style trend to emerge from summer 2016.

The off the-shoulder top also known as Bardot style emerged the best choice among those who love fashion.

final off the.png

Off-the-shoulder designs comes in different outfits; tops, dresses and jump suits, making it extremely popular. Off-the-shoulder is a style that can work for anytime, any age and every event.

final off 1.png

While making Off-the-shoulder your choice to wear, you have to choose the best bra to put on. The strapless bra is the best for the off-the-shoulder dress or top. There are also the invisible straps bra (silicon). Its invisible. A beige strapless bra can be worn under white or black tops or dresses as well.


For ladies with big chest, avoid long necklace on top of the blouse, because the boobs will look really awkward. One can also choose the off-the-shoulder dress or top with straps and wearing a bra underneath.


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