Romper Suits For Ladies

A romper suit is a top attached to a pants or shorts and a cinched waist. It’s a one-piece garment connecting short and can be worn by both children and adult women. The jump suit was designed in 1919 by Florentine Thayat as a futuristic and subversive outfit. It became popular among sky divers, parachutist and aviators.


In the early 1920’s, rompers appeared in the United States of America. Rompers was considered the best for children for the ease of movement of younger children. They were considered casual clothes for children because they were light and loose fitting. Jump suits were used by children as playwear, for leisure and beach wear by women in the 1950’s. The rompers afterwards continued to be worn by infants and toddlers. The rompers re-emerged in the 1970’s as casual garments made of terry cloth and often in tube top style. The sleep romper gained popularity in the 2010’s.

Do’s while buying a Romper or Jumpsuits:

Rompers or jump suit comes in different sizes and lengths. Women should go for rompers that go above the knee. Women with shapely arms should go for sleeveless, halter tops or even tube top rompers. When buying the romper, ensure the fabric will remain loose on your body, draped while cinching the waist.

Most jump suits are perfect for a day at the beach or a stroll in the pack. The romper can also be used at a formal event. Celebrities at Hollywood wear jumpsuits on the red carpet.

Jumpsuits can be worn all year round. This means there are different types of jumpsuits for any weather throughout the year. From skimpy romper for summer to turtleneck jumpsuits for the winter.


Don’ts when buying a romper or jump suit.

Avoid skin tight and small rompers and jump suit. Stay away from rompers with large prints unless it’s for Halloween costume or uniform. Jumpsuits made from materials like polyester, spandex or pleather are not good to buy. Cotton and soft knitted jersey are the best type of material for jumpsuits. They cling to the right part of the body and falling around the body.

Overdoing accessories is an area to avoid. For ease of going to the bathroom, buy jumpsuit that are easy to wear and remove. Opt for a romper that can be slipped off the shoulder or has few zips and buttons.


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