Body Types

Dress The Strawberry Body Type

The strawberry body-typed woman is best described by broad shoulders with a classic tomboy shape with not much of waist, which brings some curve and good burst line. Mostly, they have long lovely legs. They often have large shoulders and a wide back which tend to be followed by large boobs with a bit of tummy. This makes the body look angelina-jolielike square and masculine.

Another name for the strawberry body type is the goblet, or inverted triangle body shape.

Notable celebrities with this body type include Charlize Theron, Renée Zellweger, Jennifer Garner, Elle Macpherson and Angelina Jolie


This is how you dress the goblet body type:

Try short skirts with high heels shoes. This allows you to show those lovely long legs that so many ladies would love.

Use great bras that will make sure those boobs point up and away from falling to your waist which separates different body elements which creates some space in your frame for the curve to show through.

You will look lovely in sleek tops and minimalist shapes such as T-shaped blouses, shell tops or one-shoulder tops.

You can also go for skinny or straight leg pants that will show off the legs.

A fitted jacket that is not too long which ends at the waist with a wide and low neck is advised. Tops that are fitted in the chest area with clever cuts covering the tummy.

strawberry woman

The space under your breast should be accentuated with a belt or something tightly fit. This will make your breast look lovely and not saggy. These are the ideal clothes for the goblet body shape.


Avoid baggy or wide pants, double breast tops or jackets and shapeless knit wear. Also avoid heavy scarves and necklaces.


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