Body Types

Dress The Apple Body Type

The apple body-shaped woman, tends to have wider middle compared to her shoulders and hips. Having a wide abdomen will essentially display no waist. This woman in general, appears to be rounded. You can have medium to large busts, wide or narrow shoulders and/or fleshy arms. The shape of an apple echoes exactly this type of body shape hence the name. Alternative names for the apple body shape are the ‘O’ shape and circle.

melissa-mccarthyA woman will have an apple body shape if there is extra weight at the abdomen area, especially the waist area. Also, in post-menstrual women, estrogen is produced in less amounts, meaning that fats will reside at the belly area.  An overweight rectangular-shaped or hourglass-shaped woman will also have the apple body shape.

Notable celebrities with the apple body shape include Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifah, Adele and Dame Judi Dench.

The apple body shape is one of the most difficult to style. Less attention should be drawn to the waist, but still it should be defined. Dressing this body type should be done in a way that the other parts of the body should be highlighted, for example the face, bust and legs. In actual fact, this woman’s most attractive asset is the legs.

The Do’s:


Tops: Wear tops that glide past your waist. Also, choose tops that end at just below the widest part of your stomach. Anything higher will be unflattering.

Draw attention upwards: You are trying to drive attention upwards and away from the waist area. As such, V-neck tops and evening dresses draw attention to your face. Also, try wearing details at your necklines, shoulders and busts such as beadings. You may add jewelry and scarves so as to make your face, neck and shoulders the focal point.

Jackets, cardigan and coats: Jackets can hide whatever you want to hide underneath. Long jackets, cardigan and coats that skim past your waist will do the trick. Best length are the ones that end at the top or middle of your hips. Wear jackets and cardigan unbuttoned to create slimming vertical lines.

Try wrap dresses: Go for wrap dress that do not have ties around the waist.

Layered top: Layering works wonders for the apple body type. Wearing a dark top over a light top will make your stomach disappear!

apple body type


Avoid detailing skirt and pants: Details like embellishment at or near the waist of a skirt and pants will add bulk to your mid-section. So avoid them.

Avoid loose tops: They will only show off you unflattering waist area. Tight fitted top should be avoided at all cost. Although loose baggy tops can hide your stomach, it is formless and make you shapeless.

Avoid stiff fabric: Stiff fabric like wool, linen and denim can add bulk to your stomach.


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